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UPGRADE Your Thermostat Today! The NEW DeviregTouch FULLY PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN TIMER THERMOSTAT as seen below! Available with a 5 year warranty the new DEVIreg� Touch is great news for home owners currently using or considering floor heating. Designed and developed based on consumer feedback, this thermostat has a sleek and modern appearance with a user-friendly touch screen. It is easy to install and is the most intuitive timer thermostat on the market today. Read more in our brochure or try an interactive demo online or on your smartphone!

Our supplier DEVI Heating Systems provides a full range of floor heating products, manufactured by the Danish company DEVI A/S, the most respected name in electric underfloor heating and the global leader in the industry.

Underfloor heating and heated towel rails are one of the newest and more stylish options available in a home.

Looking for the Devireg� 535 Thermostat programming instructions? View the Underfloor Heating webpage to download the PDF.

The advantages of installing underfloor heating are listed below:

  • Total comfort heating
  • No ducts, radiators or vents
  • All of our cables & mats now have a 20yrs Manufactures’ Warranty
  • Hidden from view
  • Doesn’t take up valuable space
  • Can be applied under almost all hard surfaces
  • Minimal energy consumption
    • After sales service support
  • Approved to Australian Standards
  • Silent Safe
  • Easy and inexpensive to install
  • Mirror heaters, heated towel rails, ceiling heating and heating panels also available

    Building a new home? We are able to offer you a floor heating quote based on the type of flooring and the number of square metres you require to be heated.

    Call us on 9443 5348 for more information.

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