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Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk

We’re all about delivering the right information.

But we don’t just give you the data, news, analytics and commentary that inform and advances thinking. Our cutting-edge financial and risk tools, applications, infrastructure and services help you gain the competitive edge and move from big ideas to big results.

Move from insight to action

Our unique combination of custom content, easy connectivity and robust community is why over 440,000 professionals in 150 countries do business with us every day.

Through our market-leading Thomson Reuters Eikon. Elektron and Risk Management solutions, we help our customers generate superior returns, improve risk and compliance management, increase access to liquidity, and create efficient, reliable infrastructure.

With our open and innovative platform, we support the world’s most complex financial services firms in dealing with their top business challenges.

Establishing trust. Delivering satisfaction.

Energy companies, investment firms, brokerage houses, industrial conglomerates, global corporations, and the largest global banks all trust us to support and enable their most crucial financial decisions.

Our mission is to drive customer growth and innovation with our trusted unified platform – enabling the industry to discover, transact, and manage risk. We anticipate market shifts and evolve to meet them.

Where there are silos, we build connections. Where there’s an abundance of data, we facilitate the discovery of powerful insights. Where there’s opportunity, we enable liquidity. Where there’s regulation, we deliver clarity.

When there’s a need to do more with less, we drive efficiency.

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