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Graduate School of Professional Accountancy

Academic Principles Scheme

At the Graduate School of Professional Accountancy, we nurture accounting professionals based on the two pillars of thoroughly pursuing ethical education in accordance with Christian principles, and nurturing internationally-minded persons by also carrying out international education. We not only target persons who aim to obtain certification as certified public accountants or tax accountants, but also those who are seeking to acquire professional knowledge pertaining to accounting. Thus, we have prepared various courses divided into eight fields of study to enable diverse learning. During fiscal 2007, we established the Doctoral Program in Professional Accounting (second part of the doctoral course) in addition to the Master’s Program in Professional Accountancy. We have positioned the establishment of accounting as professional accounting in the Graduate School of Professional Accountancy, and we aim to nurture accounting professionals who are able to teach the subject as research faculty, or who have advanced research abilities.

Campus of Attendance

Department of Professional Accounting

Academic Excellence

The aim of the Department is to nurture persons who would like to acquire a Doctorate Degree (professional accounting), or become faculty at graduate schools of professional accountancy who are either researchers or practitioners, and is open to those pursuing recurrent education. It also aims to nurture accounting professionals for corporations, public institutions, public benefit corporations, and other such organizations which seek persons with advanced abilities in accounting research. Currently, there are 12 students who have enrolled from the workforce or have come directly from a graduate school of professional accountancy, etc. The Department is characterized by the research and education it provides in the areas of accounting/auditing while considering business practices of accounting.



Name [Academic Degree]

Area of Expertise

HASHIMOTO, Takashi [Master of Commerce]

Financial Accounting, International Accounting

HATTA, Shinji [Doctor (Professional Accounting)]

Auditing, Professional Ethics

KOBAYASHI, Hiroaki [M.S. (Major in Taxation)]

Taxation law, tax accounting

KONISHI, Noriyuki [Doctor (Business Administration)]

Financial Accounting, Integrated Reporting

MACHIDA, Yoshihiro [Doctor (Commerce)]

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