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The system includes possibilities for specific management financial reports. They are developed according to the needs of the client for processing and analysis of information.

Structure of the chart of accounts and dimensions

Atlas Finance maintains 10 dimensions to an account. The system allows usage of analytical relationships between analytical signs, which expands the possibilities for the analysis of the accounting information. Supported the so-called documentary analytics to account. The richness of analytics allows a detailed analytical reporting as a basis for a thorough accounting management and development of additional management reports.

Managing Budgets

The system supports budgets annually, quarterly and monthly basis at various levels accounts, analytical sign, a combination of analytical signs.

Working with different currencies

There is no limit on the number of different currencies Atlas Finance to work with. There is possibility for all documents to be in any currency.

Integration with other system modules

The system supports 5 levels of automated accounting of documents – at item level, at document level – fully or partially automatic accounting, daily accounting, monthly accounting.

Expenses and incomes for future periods

Atlas Finance is designed for facilitation of recognition of deferred expenses and deferred income. It can be used for any kind of incomes or expenses in future periods, the recognition of which is periodically – monthly or daily depending on the chosen mode of rescheduling.

Holding structure

Atlas Finance allows to define a consolidated multi-company model offering opportunity to manage kind of holding company structure – consisting of separate legal entities for whose management and reporting purposes shall be made consolidated accounts.

Main functionalities

  • All accounting transactions (cash, currency, invoices etc.) on the basis of primary accounting documents
  • Automated accounting of certain operations (for example long term assets, payroll, cost of finished goods, foreign currency revaluation)
  • Operations with currency
  • Maintenance of cross exchange rates
  • Revaluation of materials and foreign currencies
  • Keeping of goods and materials in quantity and currency
  • Maintenance of average prices, first in – first out (FIFO), last in – first out (LIFO), on expiration date (FEFO), on particular selected batch and other methods of goods/inventories withdrawn
  • Module Basic resources – accounting and tax depreciation schedule
  • History of changes on long term assets
  • Revaluation of basic assets
  • Copy, cancellations and correction of accounting transactions confirmed
  • Preparation of VAT ledgers
  • Monitor payments
  • Automatic closing of payments and debts
  • Provisioning of obligations under defined periods
  • Automatically perform operations for the completion
  • Automatic deletion of incomes and expenses for future periods
  • Operations with specific templates
  • Maintain a hot balances
  • Budgets on expenditure accounts
  • Maintain analytical ledger in accordance with the full analics of the chart of accounts
  • Generate various types of trial balances depending on the analytical accounts
  • Setting the user trial balances with different grouping and sorting
  • Preparation of standard accounts (Balance Sheet, P L, cash flow, own funds etc.)
  • Preparation of detailed data for reporting on Western standards (Cash flow, Trial balance, Income and Expenses Statement etc.)
  • Combined statements general ledger and trial balance (with General Ledger Opening Balances)
  • References for account movements (history) and accounting journals (folders)
  • Import / export of data
  • Export to MS Excel, Open Office and other software programs
  • Hystory of all operations of all subsystems for an indefinite period of time
  • Simultaneous operation in unlimited periods and years
  • Lock accounting periods on two levels – only for operations that write to the VAT register, and complete lock
  • Dynamic management analysis

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