Mar 5 2019

Beachcomber Rehabilitation

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The Beachcomber, a Florida addiction treatment center, was founded in 1976 to help individuals and families afflicted with the devastating illness of alcoholism and drug addiction. We combine a structure and discipline of intense therapeutic programs with the support and experience of a sober community.

Drug or alcohol Detoxification and recovery can be a challenging process and almost all treatment programs will ensure their program is designed is to ensure safety and prepare their patients for further care. Substance abuse can cause profound changes in brain and body chemistry and one of the first priorities in recovery from addiction is to detoxify from toxic chemicals and their byproducts. While complete detoxification can take months or even years, The Beachcomber addiction treatment center provides medical supervision during the first few hours or days of abstinence, assisting in withdrawal, which can be physically overwhelming and even dangerous.

The Beachcomber provides in-patient substance abuse and rehabilitative service where hope and fulfillment begin to replace fear, anger and loneliness to all eligible applicants seeking treatment. At The Beachcomber, the Holistic Approach applies to our total environment in addition to traditional treatments to addiction we also offer Rapid Resolution Therapy. Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapy (EFT), Yoga, Acupuncture and Light-Sound Neurotherapy to help our patients deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. The impact of alcoholism and addiction on spirit, the spiritual, is often difficult to understand and confront. Spiritual bankruptcy enmeshes to chemical dependency and goes often neglected in early stages of recovery. The Beachcomber Addiction Treatement Center treats patient Spirituality as a clear component of their recovery.

Our Treatment Center is located right on A1A (on the beach side) in Delray Beach, Florida and is 305 steps to the beach.The emphasis of treatment at The Beachcomber Florida Addiction Treatment Center, is on personal contact. Our Therapists are disencumbered by mundane administrative activities and duties, providing our patients with focused attention. There are approximately seven hours of therapy per day, seven days a week. This includes group therapy every day as well as seminars covering a wide range of subjects from the disease concept of alcoholism through marriage, sexual dysfunction, and interpersonal relations. In addition, there are two scheduled individual sessions per week for each client plus casual therapy which goes on in a continuous manner throughout our family-like setting.

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The Beachcomber, a Florida addiction treatment center is located in Delray Beach, Florida, in a beautiful setting, just 305 paces from the private beach on the Atlantic Dunes. We invite you to visit with us at The Beachcomber in Delray Beach, Florida. Call The Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery for information about our program and a free consultation. Click here to see The Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery facility photo gallery .

Change is what The Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery is really about, and as the number of men and women who begin their sobriety at the Beachcomber grows into the thousands, we are surer than ever that we are accomplishing what we set out to do for all of our patients. Is it time for you to get control of your life? Contact the Beachcomber Florida Addiction Treatment Center today and start your life tomorrow .

We invite you to visit with us at The Beachcomber in Delray Beach, Florida for information about our program and a free consultation.

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