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Scholarship Types

The Scholarships online application process is now closed.

All scholarship candidates will receive email notification of the status of their application in June.

The Canadian Nurses Foundation is proud to offer more than 50 scholarships in support of nursing education. These awards have different values, depending on the level or area of practice. The ranges are as follows:

Scholarship awards are limited to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are studying in Canada at a Canadian university or college. Applicants must have at least three semesters remaining in their program after June 30. Certain awards have additional eligibility criteria. Please see the award description below. Award value or availability may change without notice. You many only receive one award per annum.

Please note changes to the Certification Awards process. The application now requires your uploaded résumé in PDF format, and completion of a brief “Tell Us About You” text field. The application process is now open.

SRNA nurses Additional opportunity to apply for CNA Certification reimbursement! If you are registered to practise in Saskatchewan, and are in pursuit of initial specialty certification in one of CNA’s specialties/areas of practice, you have an additional opportunity to have your exam fees reimbursed.

Baccalaureate or Masters

Alumnae Association of the Royal Victoria Hospital Training School for Nurses Scholarship

Preference will be given to candidates who are employed by or studying at the McGill University Health Centre. Please state this clearly in your application.

NEW! CARNA Centennial Scholarship

This multi-generation Scholarship in honor of the College Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta s Centennial provides support to a 3rd or 4th year nursing student in Alberta with a parent or grandparent that was/is an RN in Alberta. Awarded to a registered nursing student in Alberta, in their 3rd or 4th year of studies. Only available to Alberta residents who are enrolled in a registered nursing program in Alberta. An individual may receive the Scholarship one time only.

Manitoba Registered Nurses Centennial Legacy Scholarship (not available for 2017)

The Scholarship is available to Manitoba residents who are registered on the practicing register of the College of Registered Nurses Manitoba. The Scholarship shall provide support to registered nurses in Manitoba from all domains of practice pursuing graduate studies at the Master’s or PhD level. An individual may receive the award one time only.

Military Nurses Association Award, founded by Col. Agnes Campbell Neill

Open to all eligible students at master level. Preference given to military or former military nurses, or their relatives.

New Brunswick Nurses Association Award

Nurses who are members of New Brunswick Nurses Association or nursing students residing in NB and who intend to continue their practice in NB.

New Brunswick Nurses Association CNA Centennial Award

Nurses who are members of New Brunswick Nurses Association or nursing students residing in NB and who intend to continue their practice in NB.

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