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#UPS Capital Cargo Finance®

Maximize your purchasing power.

Growing a business can take a toll on cash flow. You want to buy more inventory and hire more staff, but your working capital is tied up in your supply chain. With UPS Capital Cargo Finance, you can borrow against your in-transit inventory on an unsecured transactional basis.

We offer competitive advance rates of up to 70% and may extend credit lines of $300,000 to $750,000 with terms up to 75 days. Plus, there’s no need for letters of credit since we issue a negotiable bill of lading once your inventory is loaded in an ocean or air-freight container.

Typically, traditional lenders aren’t willing to take on the risk of financing your in-transit inventory with an unsecured loan. But, because your inventory moves within the reliable and efficient UPS network, we have the visibility and control necessary to provide financing. Not only do we offer door-to-door service, our Customs Brokerage capabilities can help improve supply chain efficiency by expediting customs clearance, as well as lowering landed delivery costs and the price of goods.

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