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Finance Calculator

The finance calculator is the best way for your PC to work out the most flexible finance option for you. It will state the price of your procedure along with the minimum deposit that is required (10% of total amount) you can then increase the deposit amount thus reducing your monthly payment over 24, 36 or 48months (see example below based on an average procedure price not representative of actual price).

0% interest is available with half the procedure amount paid as a deposit. The monthly repayments will be higher but you will not have to pay any interest on the money borrowed. This is over 10 months. Have a look below for a representative example of our four finance options.

Finance Calculator Coming Soon

Pay 4 Later

MYA will always try to assist you in meeting all of your finance needs as we want your journey to making yourself amazing to be easy and straight forward with a company you can trust without the worry of scary finance commitments or long drawn out loan applications.

MYA offer a range of flexible finance packages to suite your personal circumstances. Your Patient coordinator will discuss all your options at your free consultation.

Suitable applicants

  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Must be a UK resident and able to provide 3 years address history
  • Must work a minimum of 16hours per week
  • Must be able to provide 3 years employment history
  • Must have a valid email address
  • Must have no CCJ’s, defaults or Bankruptcies over the past 3 years

Could you afford to live without a coffee and cupcake a day? Or that new outfit each month? Or that weekend away?

If you decide MYA finance is right for you, an application is quick and easy. Your patient coordinator will show you the MYA finance calculator to help you decide on the best term and monthly repayments for you. After your consultation, you will be emailed a link with the finance application which should only take 10 minutes to complete. Once you have submitted the application, it will only take seconds to find out if you have been accepted or declined.

I decided that instead of waiting to save up, I wanted to go with MYA Finance. I have already waited 6 years and I wanted to have it done as soon as I could. The interest wasn’t near as much as I expected.

MYA Piggy Bank

If you do not qualify for a loan we can set up a MYA piggy bank* for you. The MYA piggy bank is a regular and safe way to save. You can pay in as much or as little as you want, weekly or monthly, payday or birthdays. You can even request from family and friends instead of gifts for birthdays and Christmas they pay into your piggy bank.

The reason this saving method will benefit you more than your own savings account is because your money is safe from being spent on shoes or clothes. Prior to meeting your surgeon your money is redeemable at any time.

In the same way you manage to save for a summer holiday, you book and think how am I going to get the money together , but you do because you have something to look forward to and save towards. You pay the travel agent weekly or monthly and before you know it your holiday has arrived or in this case your procedure day.

To find out more at your FREE consultation with your Patient Coordinator, enquire now .

*For Patients using the “MYA Piggy Bank” saving scheme, 25% of the total procedure cost (without discount) must be achieved within 6 months of the initial instalment being paid. If no payment has been made for 3 consecutive months then the account will be closed and a refund processed less £100 in administration fees.

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MYA Space

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