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World Bank gets bullish on Sri Lanka

6 September 2016

The recent visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sure motivated the country. He said: This is my first visit to Sri Lanka since 2009, when I saw great suffering and hardship. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced and in need of.

The falling education and healthcare expenditure ratios should worry the Yahapalana Government

5 September 2016

The promise to increase the expenditure on education and healthcare services University academics had agitated from around 2012, coupling with their demand for a hike in salaries and other perks, for an increase in government expenditure on edu.

2016, Container carrier revenues shrink by $ 29 billion

5 September 2016

2016, Container carrier revenues shrink by $ 29 billion A severe revenue contraction within the container shipping industry caused by lowered freight rates is forecast to results in container line losses of at least $ 5 billion this year, placin.

Succession planning in business: Why it is so tough

2 September 2016

Today, succession planning is a very important leadership process and a growing number of firms have formal plans in place. Yet, many firms and sole proprietors have a great deal of succession planning work ahead of them.

Opinion and Issues

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