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Finance Director Jobs

Finance Director Overview

While finance director jobs are challenging, they can be rewarding in many ways. There are also a number of discrete roles within this category, offering a good level of variety. From Finance business partner jobs to senior-level accountants and even chief financial officers, the number of opportunities is high for those with the talent and the experience. As numerous organisations throughout the United Kingdom require these roles to be filled, the market for a finance director job is considerably robust when compared to some other sectors.

Finance Director Jobs Education Requirements

Due to the exacting nature of this profession, it is necessary to possess at least a BSc in fields like Accounting or Business Management. There is also a great deal of competition; therefore, many applicants are now choosing to obtain a Master’s Degree. Additional training and certification can both be advantageous. Some examples here can be a proficiency in accounting software, an expertise in data entry and showing strong skills as a team leader.

Finance Director Jobs Market

Thanks to a resurgence from the recent global recession, many businesses within the United Kingdom are once again experiencing considerable levels of growth, and this is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. However, management accountant jobs and similar roles are still experiencing their fair share of vacancies. The National Careers Service claims that these are currently at a level as high as 25 percent. A lack of skilled applicants signifies that anyone who possesses the correct core competencies can do exceedingly well.

Finance Director Jobs Salary Information

Payscale highlights that the median salary associated with most finance director jobs is £59,827 per year. With bonuses that can reach an additional £18,000 on average, the possibility to garner over £100,000 pounds over a year can be expected. A finance director job can be fiscally rewarding, and this position is also known for its added sense of stability.

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