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Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for Resident / NRO Term Deposits

Note : 1] Fixed deposits below INR 1 crore can be booked on-line. While booking on-line, please note the interest rate on offer, as all interest rates are subject to change from time to time. The interest rates for bulk deposits of INR 1 crore or above may change at daily frequencies and you may contact your relationship manager or nearest bank branch to know the interest rate offered by the Bank.

2] Deposits placed for 1 year/12 months will have 365 days effective 01 March 2016

* A senior citizen is defined as a person above the age of 60 years. Senior Citizens’ Interest Rates are applicable only to Resident Indians on Domestic Fixed Deposits.
Incase of Joint accountholders where one of the account holder is a Senior Citizen, kindly note that Senior Citizen Term Deposit Interest Rate will only be applicable provided the Senior Citizen is the ‘First holder’ on the said term deposit.

Please speak to our Customer Service Officers at our branches or call Phone Banking for rates on:

  • Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Accounts

Customers registered for Internet Banking can view interest rates by logging into Internet Banking.

  • Resident / NRO Deposits are subject to TDS, where applicable. Indian tax information given herein is general and is not meant to constitute, and therefore should not be construed, as advice. The tax consequences are also based on individual facts and circumstances. As such, prior professional tax advice should be sought to fully understand and appreciate the Indian tax implications.
  • With effect from 1st April 2010, interest on the savings bank accounts will be calculated on daily product basis. The interest will be credited to your account on a quarterly basis as per RBI Master Direction on Interest on Deposits dated March 03, 2016 with effect from 01 July 2016. For the period after 1st July 2016, savings account interest for the quarter year from July to September would be credited in the following month of October and interest for the quarter year from October to December would be credited in the following month of January. Method of interest rate calculation:

i) Rupee Time deposits held in Domestic, Ordinary Non-Resident (NRO) and Non-Resident (External) NRE Accounts –
In case of cumulative deposits, interest is compounded quarterly and the basis of interest calculation is 28-31/365. For term deposit with tenor less than three months or where the terminal quarter is incomplete, interest is calculated proportionately for the actual number of days reckoning the year at 365 days (365 days for leap years).In case of non-cumulative deposits, interest is paid out quarterly or half yearly as preferred by customer. This is effective for all Term Deposits placed / renewed on or after 20 Jan 2009.

ii) FCNR Deposit Accounts –
In case of cumulative deposits, the interest on the deposits for more than one year accepted under this scheme is compounded at intervals of 180 days each and thereafter for remaining actual number of days. In case of non-cumulative deposits, interest is paid out half yearly.

  • Interest rates are subject to change without any prior notice

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