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WORKBOOK PUBLISHING, Inc. is dedicated to offering well-researched, empirically-supported, and practical books, software, computer and audiovisual programs to provide mental health professionals and educators with treatments for working with children and adolescents. Treatment manuals for therapists and workbooks for the participant youth are available, including The Coping Cat treatment series, as well as programs and materials for therapist training. Review our on-line catalog to see the different treatment programs, workbooks, and training materials that are available.

Interactive Computer Programs

Child Anxiety Tales: Online Parent Training Program
Just released: Child Anxiety Tales a 10-module evidence-based online parent-training program that empowers parents with evidence-based tools and strategies to use to help their child manage anxiety and stress.

Interactive Computer Programs

Just released: Camp Cope-A-Lot: The Coping Cat CD is a 12-session interactive computer-assisted cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxious youth. Camp Cope-A-Lot includes state-of-the art animation, interactive videos illustrations, interactive media, and built-in homework and reward systems. Users complete fun and engaging interactivities that communicate skills for managing anxiety.

View a clip from the program (Includes sound. Requires flash player, download here if needed.)

Youth can benefit greatly from having engaging and appealing workbooks, software, and audiovisual aides to guide their experiences. Our treatment workbooks are designed specifically for youth engaging, appealing, and developmentally appropriate. The workbooks guide the implementation of the cognitive-behavioral therapies. Our workbook titles include The Coping Cat Workbook , for use with anxious youth and The C.A.T. Project for use with anxious adolescents.

Treatment manuals for therapists

For mental health professionals, counselors, educators, or those seeking written information about treatment programs to help youth with emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems. For example, treating youth anxiety can be guided by the treatment manual entitled Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxious children: Therapist manual.

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