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Mariner Finance Reviews

This is a growing company with opportunity for advancement but, you have to be patient and realistic about how fast you will advance (in 3 reviews)

Really fun and competitive work environment . meaningful work, great promotion potential for those who earn it (in 3 reviews)

Decent starting salary with good benefits and perks (in 3 reviews)

Very unsatisfied with their arrogant upper management (in 7 reviews)

Unrealistic goals,low pay . employees are expendable, really messed up business plan (in 5 reviews)

Majority of branch managers have no clue what they are doing (in 4 reviews)

One of the least fulfilling jobs I have ever had in my life and the stress was not worth the long hours . low pay, and bad attitudes (in 2 reviews)

More Pros and Cons

I have been working at Mariner Finance full-time (More than 3 years)

They recognize and then reward hard work, contribution (both in direct production and the intangibles you bring to your job) and dedication. Many of my peers have been promoted to positions they aspired to achieve as well as myself. Very team oriented atmosphere, everyone in the branch is working together to achieve clear goals. Direction and communication from my boss is clear and it feels genuinely as if he wants to see me succeed and do well with Mariner. Successes are celebrated and the recognition is warming, they are very positive in feedback and provide plenty of coaching. A ton of opportunities available for growth within the company and they do a great job of coaching and preparing employees to grow with the company.

Some HQ support services can be tardy in their support of the office, some are even short or curt to you on the phone when you call them. Many new Executives now as they expand the company and the new execs come off as distant to the office/team, a very different feeling now and the branch/HQ dynamic does not feel as connected, something that others before did very well to cultivate. It sometimes feels like there are two teams in headquarters or that HQ is not on the same page as the branch.

Advice to Management

HQ departments should be more responsive to or supporting of the branch. Goals and contests should not be so late in arriving to the branches. The new executives should try to integrate better with the current culture vs. importing their prior culture and systems. Continue to make employee development a top priority, it s exciting to see many peers now playing a larger role in a company they worked hard for and get to grow with!

From my experience, overall good people. Depending on who your management is – they are encouraging to see you succeed and hopefully become promoted.

The industry (the amount customers pay in interest – how can you actually be really helping them when they are in need), occasional stressful working environment, the dreaded collection calls. Only reason why I wouldn t recommend it to a friend is because my personality doesn t belong in this field.

Advice to Management

Set reasonable expectations when dealing with customers, and your employees. It is sometimes not possible to reach the ridiculous goals that they set.

Management did not care at all about lower-level employees and hiring/promotion decisions were often nonsensical, resulting in extremely unqualified people being in high positions You will also be expected to work Saturdays and evenings and often drive around to people s houses by yourself to collect late payments.

Advice to Management

If you even have any Security Finance people left, remember that they knew what they were doing before you got there and don t need to just be ran off.

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