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Master of Arts in Communications

The Master of Arts in Communications program seeks to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the communications discipline. The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach and is geared for professionals in a variety of fields, including government, private sector, non-profit, and community-based careers. Students in the program will be prepared for leadership positions in such fields as journalism, public relations, advertising, production, and media education, as well as for doctoral study.

Balancing critical theory with practical experience, the program brings together a mix of research and creative production in the classroom. Course work will include media writing, graphic design, advertising strategies, digital media production, photography, and media law and ethics. With an international core faculty, the program integrates national and international views on history, culture, and society, and represents a distinctly global perspective.

Because the program is broad-based and research-oriented, students will work with their academic advisers to develop thesis projects that address critical issues in the field, and to evaluate different media forms for the presentation of their research. The program s location in the Pennsylvania state capital region and its proximity to major metropolitan areas and prominent public and private institutions present students with opportunities for internships and field experiences that provide valuable context for the development of thesis projects.

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