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We can reduce bullying. We can help children and teens who have been bullied. This website has ideas for schools, for parents, and for young people.

For more detailed information and strategies, see my new book with Dr. Charisse Nixon, Youth Voice Project: Student Insights into Bullying and Peer Mistreatment. This 2013 book presents a wide range of research-based practical interventions for reducing bullying and reducing harm. You can find a brief summary of the research the book is based on here .

Here are some early reviews of the Youth Voice Project findings and book:
This book is the game-changer the field of bullying prevention has needed for some time. It debunks many cultural adult mindsets about bullying and clarifies what really works to provide safety and belonging to our marginalized students in school. The data present a treasure trove of fresh ideas, directly from students, on how adults and students can work together to build caring school communities.

Chuck Saufler, lead trainer for bullying education, Maine Law and Civics Education Program, University of Maine School of Law

“Not only did a growing understanding of the Youth Voice Project data help a school I was working with over the past year become a more positive environment for both students and staff, it also played a role in their movement from being designated Persistently Low Performing to being recognized as a Reward School. It clearly demonstrates how changes in our attitude and the way we engage students can make a BIG difference.”

Dee Lindenberger, Co-Founder, Michigan Bully-Free Schools Program

“Stan Davis’s signature insightfulness into the unique perspectives of young people, combined with Charisse Nixon’s keen research skills and developmental expertise, has produced one of the most valuable research projects in this field in the last five years.”

Elizabeth K. Englander, PhD, Director, Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center, Bridgewater State University

The Youth Voice Project findings have been an invaluable resource as we strive to debunk the societal myths and misperceptions surrounding bullying prevention and learn what truly helps kids develop prosocial relationships and resilience.

Denise Koebcke, Valparaiso, Indiana, community schools educator and school climate coordinator

The interventions described on this website and in Stan Davis’s books and trainings are based on the work of many researchers in bullying prevention, including Norway s Dan Olweus, England s Smith and Sharp, the USA s Dorothea Ross, Canada s Wendy Craig and Debra Pepler, Australia s Ken Rigby, and on Stan Davis s forty-plus years of experience with children, families, and schools as a social worker and school counselor. In addition, these interventions are based on the input of more than 13,000 young people across the United States who participated in the Youth Voice Project survey conducted in 2009-2010 by Stan Davis and Dr. Charisse Nixon.

Stan’s book with Charisse Nixon, YOUTH VOICE PROJECT, is now available. Click here to learn more.

Youth Voice Project offers a great deal of information and advice for school professionals in addressing peer mistreatment.…The Youth Voice Project successfully links survey data to important messages about a need for changes in the atmosphere of school systems.…The Youth Voice Project is a must-read for school psychologists, educators, and professionals working in schools who want inspiration and guidance in how to help identify and address issues of peer mistreatment, and more importantly, how to improve the success and well-being of the student youth—our future.”

—Hunter McEnroe, NCSP, school psychologist,
Communiqué. National Association of School Psychologists

Also- Read a review of this book by the New York Association of School Psychologists

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