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A truly welcoming community.

Differences are central to broadening our perspectives, creating thoughtful leaders and sparking new ideas. So, we are diligent about creating an environment that is inclusive and truly diverse. Our students, faculty and staff come from different backgrounds intellectually, ethnically, economically and geographically and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Campus Inclusion Community cultivates inclusive learning environments through programs that foster meaningful dialogue.
  • Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) provides programming that creates opportunities for community engagement and identity expression.
  • Academic Programs Centers. home to majors, minors and research opportunities related to identity, social disparities and diversity.

Crossing academic disciplines.

Northwestern scholars are tackling some of our world s most complex problems. These are bold goals that can only be accomplished through collaboration across diverse fields of study.

Some of our most exciting projects bring together disciplines for new partnerships.

  • Knight Lab. a team of technologists, journalists and designers advancing news media innovation
  • Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS), a graduate program covering a broad spectrum of scientific and engineering disciplines
  • The Global Health Studies Minor. studying international issues with a public health focus
  • Oncofertility Consortium. a network of medical specialists, scientists and scholars exploring fertility preservation in cancer patients

Making an impact, everywhere.

Northwestern is no ivory tower. It s a launching pad to every corner of the globe.

More than 32% of undergraduates supplement their academic studies with an international experience, such as field study, cultural immersion or exchange abroad. Our faculty collaborate with organizations and scholars around the world to advance research.

  • Northwestern-sponsored study abroad programs. located in more than 20 countries around the world
  • Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI). study abroad options focused on service learning and community involvement
  • Buffett Institute for Global Studies. a site for collaborative international scholarship
  • Global and Research Opportunities (GRO) at Northwestern. a database showcasing all opportunities for international travel, learning and research experiences

The thrill of new connections.

It s not just our state-of-the-art facilities or generous funding that makes Northwestern one of the most exciting major research universities in the country. It s our mindset.

Our curiosity leads us seek out the unexpected; our ambition leads us to work past mistakes to milestones. This unique environment fosters significant research across every discipline.


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This is Northwestern.

Ours is a unique environment. One that unites knowledge and ideas, ambition and imagination, hard work and joy.

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