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Your Work Matters

A Better Way to Steamline Processes

Workfront provides a single place for demand management with customizable request queues, automated work and approval flows, issue tracking, and effortless resource allocation tools. Add Workfront s robust digital review and approval for visual assets like images, videos, and HTML5 webpages, and your team will spend less time gathering feedback, and more time delivering great work.

“Workfront provides the collaboration and visibility our project managers, engineers, and leadership need to deliver on our promises to our Xfinity customers.”

Brady Robinder

| Manager, Deployment Automation | Comcast

Everything Your Team is Working On in One Place

You’re likely using dozens of different logins and tools to manage your work. Most people waste time switching between email, spreadsheets, Google Drive and countless other platforms. What if you could do all your work in a single tool? Workfront integrations allow you to connect with today’s best applications, so you can communicate, plan, store documents and report on progress in one place. Our customers immediately benefit from Workfront because they no longer have to dig for old emails, documents or project requests.

“Having our information in one place helps our teams manage improvements. We re also able to communicate better, which has had a significant impact on our global performance.

Kris Lamp

| Director of Program and Project Management | Trek

Real-time Project Status Updates

Hunting down status updates? Meeting fatigue can create chaos for your team, your clients, and your organization. Workfront eliminates status meetings by giving you access to to reports, activity feeds, and burndown charts at the portfolio, project, team, or task level. Get total visibility into your work, and lose the endless email threads, outdated spreadsheets, and soul-crushing status meetings.

“Workfront allows us to measure our work and report back on our successes. Reporting enables us to translate the team s hard work into quantifiable results for our leadership team.”

Cynthia Boon

| AVP Customer Experience Delivery | GM Financial

2016-2017 State Of Enterprise Work Report

Workfront’s annual U.S. State of Enterprise Work Report is back, revealing troubling trends in the number of hours spent at work and the prevalence of inter-team conflict. To find out what challenges U.S. office workers are facing and how they are overcoming these challenges, view the full report today!

Agile Marketing Cheat Sheet

Learning and adopting the Agile Marketing methodology often requires a change in thinking, team structure, and even vocabulary. With so much new information to keep track of, it’s nice to have a way to cheat on all the Agile basics you need to know.

IT Project Management Best Practices

Quit trying to manage today’s teams like it’s the 1950s. Management of project teams needs to evolve from the rigid, machine-like processes of the 20th century. Traditional approaches to project management that were originally created for civil engineering projects are no longer suited for today’s teams. In order for project management practices to continue to be successful for our organizations, you must evolve them.

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