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Flexible Medical Finance

Flexible Medical Finance

Life has become increasingly expensive, forcing more and more people to budget for luxuries such as elective cosmetic surgery. But even with strict budgets in place, most people cannot afford and don’t include the possibility of additional surgical costs, in the event of surgical complications that, although unfortunate and infrequent, can and do happen. That is why I encourage ALL my patients, to make use of FHF Assure when booking and having surgery. For a low once off premium, my patients can be assured that these possible unforeseen costs will be covered.

Dr Russel John Walton, Johannesburg
Plastic Surgeon

I had been considering liposuction treatment for quite a while, and knew that my medical aid scheme would not cover this cosmetic procedure. It was a pleasure to find out that a company offers medical loan payment plans, making plastic surgery affordable to people like me. I have now been able to lose the excess weight I had never been able to shed by going to the gym. The medical procedure itself was fairly quick, and my cosmetic surgeon was fantastic. Your loan application consultants were incredible, throughout the loan application and processing. I highly recommend using First Health Finance for the financing of plastic surgery procedures.

The arrival of FHF as a medical loan facilitation service has allowed many infertile couples the opportunity to afford IVF treatment and realise their dream of having a child. The staff have considerable experience in the medical financial services sector and their professional and caring manner gives vulnerable fertility treatment patients the confidence to feel secure and happy when dealing with the company. We hear only good things about First Health Financing!

Dr. Paul le Roux – Cape Fertility Clinic
Reproductive Medicine Specialist and Director

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