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The Religious Society of Friends

Quaker-run businesses

  • Delta Environmental Consulting
  • Aetheling
  • Max Hansen. leadership development and innovation management
  • Full Circle Group. mediation services.
  • Vickey Kaiser. Professional Organizer.
  • Community Well. Research and Evaluation, Inc.
  • Van Temple. Management and Organizational Development.
  • JSpear. environmental engineering.
  • Kingsbury International Ltd.. economic and business consulting
  • GRE Consulting (Samuel Mahaffy), Process facilitation for community and faith-based organizations.
  • Uncle Neil (Neil Fullagar), nanny / childcare / teacher / early interventionist.
  • Insight and Clarity — Creativity & Business coaching (“clarifying”), help with listening
  • Chloe Schwenke — works on international human rights, gender equality, LGBTI issues, and development ethics.

Performing and Visual Artists and Musicians

  • John McCutcheon. Hammer Dulcimer Musician
  • Aaron Fowler. Interactive programs (having nothing to do with compute for teachers, parents and students.
  • Aaron Fowler Laura Dungan. music that leads the listener to be attentive and appreciative of one’s place in the world, examine matters of the heart and conscience, and lend courage to take next steps on the journey.
  • Carrie Newcomer. Folk Musician
  • [mailto:] Piano Classic Restorations. by Terry Farrell, offering complete rebuilding of fine grand pianos.
  • Bill Harley. singer/storyteller.
  • Women’s History ALIVE! One woman plays by Sandra Hansen on famous women in American history.
  • Sara & Kamila (Singer-Songwriters)
  • Bonnie Raitt. singer, songwriter, activist.
  • Quaker Wedding Certificates by Jennifer Snow Wolff, Calligrapher Artist,
  • Wynne Llewellyn. calligrapher, specializing in Marriage Certificates and Naming documents
  • Mercedes Walker – documentary filmmaker, singer, musician activist
  • Kat Burke – singer, songwriter, performer.
  • Melanie Weidner – artist.
  • Arthur Davenport has a CD out.
  • Joyce Rouse. aka EarthMama.
  • Spontaneous Combustion Storytellers – Tom Sandy Farley – performances, workshops, CD
  • Dan Gilliam
  • Arthur Fink Photography. people, places, objects, events
  • Adrian Martinez
  • Quaker Wedding Certificates. by Sally Sanders-Garrett
  • Annie and Peter Blood-Patterson – of Rise up Singing fame.
  • Benjamin Lloyd – artist.
  • Mark Holdaway
  • Bull and Mouth Records – A coalition of young musicians (Friends and friends) started in 2006 by Quaker musician Jon Watts at Pendle Hill
  • Saundra Sturdevant Photography
  • Alfred Muma, Among Friends Studio
  • Caroline Jariwala. Visual artist
  • Philip Gulley. Author
  • Sundog. featuring Dan Caldwell.
  • Vonn New. electro-acoustic ambient music that arises from worship.
  • Jon Watts.
  • Homegrown String Band. a postmodern neo-traditional old time (Quaker) family string band
  • Bonni McKeown
  • Roger Vincent Jasaitis. artist.
  • Sahara Jane. Singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia with a diverse range of musical influences.

Publishers Bookstores

Quaker links totally (but totally ) unrelated to the RSOF

Quaker Oats Gets Its Own Section

Quaker-named sites without a clue

I’ve moved these off into a separate file. There’s just too many non-Religious-Society-of-Friends groups which use the “Quaker” name.


Mailing lists

  • Mailing lists on
  • Quaker-L -moderated.
  • Quaker-C anadian.
  • Quaker-P -peace-n-justice concerns.
  • FCNL-News -FCNL Alerts. Send a message saying “subscribe FCNL-News”.
  • Friends-Church -evangelical.
  • [mailto:] Quaker-Spectrum -unmoderated. Send a message saying “subscribe quaker-spectrum”.
  • Quaker-B Mailing list.(Britain Yearly Meeting) This serves (but is not exclusive to) British Friends. Subscribe to the Quaker-B mailing list go to
  • Q-Light A list for queer (lesbian, gay male, bisexual, transgendered or questioning) Quakers and interested guests to discuss issues relating to being queer, being a Friend, and the intersection thereof. Discussion will be respectful and non homo-/bi-/transphobic.

To subscribe, send the message

FCUN was created “for Friends (and friends of Friends) of the environmental persuasion.” It discusses the Friends Committee in Unity with Nature (FCUN) and other environmentally-related topics. Begun July 31, 1997. Visit the FCUN list ‘s web page for more information.


    This is a list to facilitate communication among those interested in Quaker volunteer service, training and witness.

    To subscribe, send the message

    subscribe qvstc Yourfirstname Yourlastname

    The Friends Council on Education Technology Committee has established this list of educators in Friends schools and Friends in non-Friends schools.

    To subscribe, send an e-mail message with your name and relation to Quaker education

    We’re a small group largely based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with members from all around lower michigan (namely Troy, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and the Traverse city area). We hold quarterly retreats and we run a mailing list. To subscribe to the list send an empty message.

  • Quaker Books For Friends

    Quaker Books for Friends is distributed free of charge as an independent monthly newsletter featuring eclectic reviews of books of interest to Christian Friends. Each issue features two or more contemplative reviews of books for enlightened Christian readers. The newsletter has no commercial connection with any bookstore or publisher, and the mailing list is unpublished and carefully-supervised.

  • Young Adult Quakers.
  • [mailto:] ERAF — Ending Racism Among Friends

    The ERAF list provides on-line networking for Friends with a concern for issues of race, diversity, inclusiveness and privilege, especially as they play out in the Society of Friends. It is one of several activities to follow up on the April 1999 Friends Gathering with a Concern for Issues of Racism, Diversity and Inclusiveness.


    • Ken Sutton, of Friends Journal, Friends Journal pages
    • Randy Oftedahl, FCADP pages
    • Dick Bellin, FCRP pages
    • Simon Grant, FWCC pages
    • Chuck Fager, various writings including the Pendle Hill pages
    • Chris Faatz, QUF and Lucretia Mott pages
    • Reuben Snipper, William Penn House page
    • the late David Washburn, Pirates of Penn’s-ance page
    • Alice Drewery, YFGM pages
    • Jennifer Snow Wolff, Quaker-run business reorganization
    • Paul Sladen, for many URL updates.
    • . and anyone else I may have missed [mailto:]

    Please email suggestions and contributions. Quakerism is a multifarious religion. Everything on these pages should be considered representative of some but not all Quaker thought. Free web space is available on this server for any meeting-sponsored Quaker activity.

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