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Top 5 cities for a graduate job in finance

Graduates on an intensive 18-month training programme in the financial sector have voted for their preferred location to start their career in finance, revealing the five most popular cities around the world.

New York has taken the top spot, with 34 per cent of those on the deVere Group graduate scheme naming it as their first-choice destination.

According to deVere Group chief executive Nigel Green, certain cities appear in the top 10 every year.

He explains: “This is because, quite understandably, these global hubs of finance and commerce represent centres of enormous possibilities for young, ambitious individuals about to embark on careers as international wealth-advisory professionals.

“There are some common traits among these cities, including that English is commonly spoken, they are politically and economically stable, there is a high level of internationally minded high net-worth individuals, and by relocating to these places one can usually expect comparatively high financial rewards.”

Graduates could choose any of the company’s 70 offices in its global network. The top five cities received 94 per cent of all votes. The remaining 6 per cent was spread across a number of destinations, including Shanghai, Cape Town, Geneva, Paris, Barcelona and London.

Most popular cities to start a finance career

1. New York City, United States (34 per cent)
2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (23 per cent)
3. Hong Kong (17 per cent)
4. Sydney, Australia (13 per cent)
5. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (7 per cent)

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