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Vendor Program Types

Element s industry-leading vendor finance programs typically fall within one of these categories:

  • Private Label Programs are identified exclusively with the vendor s brand to leverage its strength and give buyers assurance of transaction continuity at the point of sale and throughout the life of the financing contract.
  • Sponsor Programs bring financing programs to unique groups of end users such as buying cooperatives, franchisees and networked independent owner-operators. The sponsor facilitates and endorses the program and benefits by enabling ease of use and consistent implementation across a broad network of end users.
  • Co-Branded Programs carry both the vendor s and Element s brands to leverage the strength of both and still enable our partners to keep track of their customer bases throughout the lease term for maximum upgrade opportunities.
  • Joint Venture Programs align the interests of the manufacturer and the financial partner under a purpose-built joint venture entity with the staff, systems, capital and other resources required to underwrite, fund and service financing transactions originated through the manufacturer s sales channel. While offering all of the benefits of a vendor financing program, the joint venture program provides the manufacturer with the added benefit of revenue diversification.

We have the industry expertise and the vendor finance experience needed to design, implement and operate a sales-aid financing program that is customized to meet the needs of your organization.


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With total assets of $24.0 billion, Element Financial Corporation is one of North America s leading fleet management and equipment finance companies. A shareholder vote has been scheduled for September 20, 2016 to consider approval of an arrangement to separate the Company to two publicly traded entities Element Fleet Management Corp. (Element Fleet) and ECN Capital Corp. (ECN Capital). As the world s largest publicly-traded fleet management services company, Element Fleet will operate the Company s fleet management business. As a leading North American equipment finance company, ECN Capital will operate the Company s commercial finance, vendor finance, rail finance and aviation finance businesses and transition to an origination and asset management business model.

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