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A Wet Reckless is the nickname for the California Vehicle Code (VC) Section 23103 per VC 23013.5 charge of reckless driving involving alcohol. If the prosecutor feels the DUI case against you has some weaknesses; for example when your breath test or blood test result is close to .08, and if your driving and Field Sobriety Tests are not bad, the prosecutor might offer a plea bargain that is called a Wet Reckless .

A Wet Reckless is really a kinder, gentler DUI, a watered down DUI if you will. It is a ‘prior’ on your record, which means if you get another DUI in the next 10 years it will be considered your second DUI because the Wet Reckless counts against you just like a first time DUI.

The similarities between a DUI and a Wet Reckless are they both involve probation, fines, an alcohol class, and 2 points on your license record. A Wet Reckless usually means a little less in fines, probation, alcohol program, and no court suspension on your license. It sounds and looks better on your record than a DUI.

The problems with a Wet Reckless are:

  • It is essentially a DUI on your record
  • Insurance companies usually treat it as a DUI (leading to much higher insurance rates ).

Number of points on your driver’s license for a wet reckless, California

Dry Reckless in California

Reckless Driving not involving alcohol

A Dry Reckless in contrast to a Wet Reckless driving is reckless driving not involving alcohol and does not go on your record for 10 years like a DUI. A Dry Reckless cannot be used against you as a prior like a Wet Reckless does and thus is a better plea bargain than a Wet Reckless.

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