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Money Dashboard

“a dedicated tool that is going to really help you take control of your finances… your own personal family spreadsheet.”
December 2015 Read more “An award-winning budget planner, this helps you keep track of personal spending across multiple accounts [and] makes suggestions on how to manage your finances better.
October 2015 Read more “making it easy to keep up to date with your financial position, and your income and outgoings are displayed on colourful graphs.”
December 2015 Read more “one of the best finance apps out there.”
November 2015 Read more

“Money Dashboard lets you take control through one central hub so you know what’s going on with your money.” Read more “. makes you aware of upcoming payments and detects your spending pattern to make predictions and then sets up your personalised goals.”
August 2013 Read more “Over the last two years Money Dashboard has grown its user base by more than 300 per cent, equating to hundreds of new users a day. ”
January 2015 Read more “Download your bank’s app, as well as apps for your bill providers and budgeting apps like Money Dashboard. Check regularly so you’re constantly in the loop…”
June 2015 Read more

“Money Dashboard makes it easy to see where you might be overspending at a glance and also suggests solutions to help you save.”
October 2014 Read more “You’ll be able to see and monitor your money in one easy to read space, which is pretty damn useful if you ask me.”
May 2014 Read more “The service removes much of the manual spadework required in tracking your expenses…”
April 2014 Read more “. makes accessing your personal financial information ‘on-the-go’ easier and clearer than ever before.”
March 2014 Read more

“. before long it will be your online banking go-to when you need to save for a holiday, pay an unexpected bill or just find out whether you can afford another night out.”
April 2013 Read more “If you struggle to keep on you top of your household finances, Money Dashboard can help.” Read more “Money Dashboard seeks to help people take control of their finances and make the right financial decisions without “having to work hard for the privilege”. ”
January 2015 Read more “Money Dashboard has special intelligent functions that could effectively improve your money management.”
August 2013 Read more

“Want to take better control of your money and be better at budgeting? then take a look at”
August 2015 Read more “There are some great features on this nifty bit of kit…”
September 2014 Read more “. it has great visuals, so you can see at a glance what your money is up to.”
July 2014 Read more “Next step was to download a great tool called Money Dashboard to understand what I spend money on to double check if [my] budget was realistic.”
July 2015 Read more

Quick and secure sign-up

Sign up in seconds and securely connect your accounts.

We provide bank-level security to protect your data and because we’re a ‘read only’ service your money can’t be touched or moved through Money Dashboard

Security logos and padlock image

Instant access to all your accounts

Money Dashboard gives you the true view of your finances by showing exactly where your money goes across all your online financial accounts.

On most accounts, transactions and balances are refreshed daily, so you’re up to date with your current financial position at a glance.

This information is then displayed in your personal Dashboard.

Diagram of the Money Dashboard Pie Chart

Easy-to-understand visuals

Viewing the key facts of your financial information is now an engaging experience thanks to Money Dashboard’s range of colourful graphs.

By seeing a definitive display of all your incomings and outgoings, you’ll know what direction your finances are taking month by month.

Money Dashboard acts as your personal financial assistant, doing the hard work so you don’t have to.

Diagram of the Money Dashboard Transactions List

See exactly what you’re spending

With a clearer view of how, when and where you’re spending your money you’ll be in a better position to organise your finances more effectively. As well as helping to plan for the future.

Spend and save to realise your own financial goals. Making money management easy.

Diagram of the Money Dashboard Financial Overview

Achieve your goals

Our budget planner will show you what’s safe to spend each month, or what you have left over to start saving money.

You can set your own financial goals, whether you want to finally clear your credit card or buy a house. We help by using past spending patterns to predict future outgoings.

Money Dashboard will assist you with your personal finances by helping you budget, save money and plan in the way that you want to.

Diagram of the Money Dashboard Clear Cash panel

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